The camera                         The Vest Pocket Kodak

The Vest Pocket Kodak or VPK camera.

The Vest Pocket Kodak was a highly successful miniature folding bellows camera with over 1,800,000 being sold between January 1912 and September 1926. When not in use the camera folded into compact shape measuring only 2 x 4 x 1 inch.

The camera was the first to use 127 roll film which provided 8 exposures measuring 1.5/8 x 2. inches, a size big enough to make contact prints as well as enlargements.

Before use, the front lens plate was first pulled forward almost three inches on trellis struts until it clicked into position with its bellows fully extended. Trellis struts were rigid enough to prevent the lens plate flexing under the closing stress of the bellows.

Typical of camera design of the period, a fixed-focus single meniscus lens was situated behind the diaphragm and shutter. To present-day eyes the camera seems not to have a lens.

In the years up to 1926 when production ceased, higher quality lenses were offered as well as different camera finishes and an
Autographic facility. All this was done without altering the original concept of elegantly small size, quality, simplicity and durability.