Types of VPK                       The Vest Pocket Kodak

VPK Autographic Special 1915-1926.

The main difference between autographic and autographic special cameras was the better lenses fitted to black enamel and Japan Crystal (crackle) finished cameras and most expensive of all; the use of Morocco leather camera coverings.

Special cameras could cost more than three times more than the standard autographic VPK. The better lenses were much sharper and had larger maximum aperture: some were focussing.

Cameras with non-focussing lenses are not the necessarily the cheapest when collecting VPK Special cameras today. Value is based on lens rarity as well as the overall  condition of the camera. 

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Kodak f7.7 lens in black painted body.
Camera No. 319678.

Kodak f7.7 lens with Morocco leather
covering. Camera No. 142701

Zeiss Tessar f6.9 lens with Morocco leather covering. Camera No. 144740

Morocco leather.