Types of VPK                       The Vest Pocket Kodak

Types of Vest Pocket Kodak.

Original VPK, made between 1912-1914.

Paint finish.
All original VPK cameras had a shiny black enamel paint finish except for plated parts and the brass escutcheon lens plate.

Although having the same internal parts as all VPK's, the earliest cameras had a noticeably flatter viewfinder retaining ring viewed from the front.

Rear port.
This circular port carried the red window for checking the exposure numbers on the backing paper as the film was wound-on after each exposure. It was otherwise without markings.

Camera body.
Except for the circular access port, the camera back was smooth and without markings.

When fully extended these had square edges making a 'box' shape. Cameras made after 1914 all had pleated bellows.

Special lenses.
At extra cost the camera could have a multi-element f8 Kodak Anastigmat lens instead of the usual meniscus one.

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