Types of VPK                       The Vest Pocket Kodak

Original VPK, 1912-1914.

Original VPK's had two types of brass escutcheon plates. The earliest of these had a stop on the sliding aperture scale to served to restrict maximum lens opening so reducing flare from its anchromatic lens. Later cameras were fitted with a 'lens hood choke' to give the same effect.

Shutter speeds of 25th sec. for clear scenes and 50th sec. for brilliant scenes were provided together with B (bulb) and T (time). Aperture settings of 1, 2, 3 and 4 were related to the likely brightness of the scene such as marine - distant view - average view - near view/portrait.

Escutcheon plates also advised the use of a tripod and sec exposures on grey days, and sec for dull and very dull days

Early camera had a 'stop' on the aperture scale to limit lens opening.

Shutter speed setting indicator

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Later cameras had a lens hood
'choke' to limit maximum lens opening.