Everest and the VPK               The Vest Pocket Kodak

Back to Everest with a VPK Camera!

In October 2010 I was trekking in the Nepalese Himalayas and above Namche Bazaar had a quite perfect view of a cloudless Everest summit. I photographed this using the same type of Vest Pocket Kodak camera used by Mallory and Irvine on their attempt to make the first accent of Everest in 1924.

The 95+ year old camera with its British un-coated f6.5 Cooke triplet lens produced wonderful images of Everest and nearby mountains on 127 black and white roll-film.

Using the cameras maximum shutter speed of 50th sec. and the lens set to infinity, exposures were made at different apertures on Efke 127 roll-film rated at 100 ISO.

The Vest Pocket Kodak's shutter worked perfectly and the bellows remained light-tight. Not the least of everything, the camera survived unscathed from being bumped around in a rucksack for two weeks in the Himalayas at high altitude. Clearly VPK cameras are strong and were built to last!

The actual Vest Pocket Kodak Camera with focussing
f6.5 Cooke triplet lens used to photograph Mt. Everest (picture below right) in 2010.

Photograph of the summit of Mt. Everest taken on Efke 127 film rated at
100 ISO using a Vest Pocket Kodak camera.